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Leidy Tool Company

The Leidy Tool Co. is dedicated to producing high end shock resistant tools for linemen. Working in the field can be dangerous, you never know when you will hit a high voltage line while digging. These tools have been tested and exceed safety standards to protect you when working in the field.



The Leidy Digging Bar

Leidy Tools have been expressly designed as Safety Products to Resist Electric Shock and Protect Workers from injury. Features a 1 1/4" solid fiberglass shaft for more strength and protection when digging over power and telephone. US Patent No. 4,489,795 Tool No. 795


  • All handles are 100% Solid, Non-Conductive Fiberglass for Strength, Durability and Safety
  • All tools are available with Steel Tamper End or P.V.C. Handle Grip
  • Prevents Electrical Shock up to 100KV
  • Meets Safety Standards ASTM F-711 and IEE 987 (Test reports available upon request)
  • Tools may be Customized to your specific needs


Two Piece Digging Bar


The New 895 Series (2) piece Digging Bars are unique to the Industry. They are designed to save time, space and money. The tools have a Locking mechanism at the coupler to keep the two ends from coming loose while being used. These bars are also versatile; you can take them apart for storage, add extensions for more length or add attachments without having to buy a separate tool for each situation. The 895 Series is available in lengths of 10’- (2) 5’ sections and 12’ -(2) 6’ sections but can be custom made in any length required. Also available are 4’ Extension, 4’ Trench Tamper Attachment and 4’ Curved Tamper Attachment. These bars will also ship by UPS or FEDEX, well under length restrictions.  


  • 6’,9’&12’ Long Digging Bars
  • 5' & 6' San Angelo Type Bars
  • 6' Combo-Bars (Chisel / Point Ends)
  • NEW 10' &12' (2) piece Digging Bars with attachments such as 4' Extension, 4' Trench Tamper and 4' Curved Tamper
  • 8' Trench Tampers
  • 10', 12' & 14' Curved Tampers
  • Utility Probes
  • Post Drivers  


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50 W. Summit Drive
Littlestown, PA 17340

Phone: (410) 346-7372
Fax: (410) 774-5445




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